I have overcome many negative patterns of fear and addictions and have shifted from feeling defeated and powerless; to feeling on-purpose, spiritually connected, vibrant, and alive.

I have personally used the tools I offer in "Magnetize Miracles" and have truly stepped into a life beyond my widest dreams.

 I am a certified life coach through Coach Training Alliance and I teach yoga in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Just Be Yoga

Saturday: 9:15 Vinyasa (Wanut Creek)

Sunday: 4pm Hot Vinyasa Yoga (Berkeley)

Tuesday: 6:20am Pilates Remix (Market St)

Thursday: 6:30pm Hot Vinyasa Yoga (Berk)

I help women who feel stuck and disconnected to align with the highest version of themselves in my three month program, Magnetize Miracles.

In this program we'll collaborate and identify your intentions, release blocks, and embody new patterns. The partnership I create with each client is unique, customized, and supportive. 

One on one Life Coaching

Yoga Class Schedule and privates

Core Power Yoga 

Private Yoga

I teach private yoga and in office yoga. I create sequences based on the level and needs of my clients and groups. I can come to your home or office, contact me at carolyn.roney@gmail.com for rates and availability. 


Monday: 9:30am yoga (Shattuck

Wednesday: 6:45am C2, 9am Sculpt, 10:30am HPF (Walnut Creek)

Thursday:  6:45am C2, 9:00am Yoga Sculpt, 11:30am C2 ( Walnut Creek)

Sunday: 9:30am Sculpt, 10:45am Hot Power Fusion (Walnut Creek)

About Me :)

Love n Light,

Carolyn Jean